Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba

At the end of the term, Dylan and I left cold & rainy Fredericton, and headed to Cayo Santa Maria in Cuba. We arrived at the airport early in the day, which then is followed by a two hour bus ride that includes driving across a 46 km causeway! The entire causeway is beautiful Β because you are driving right through the ocean and the water is shallow around it so it is bright blue and green. The resort was a decent size- not too big not too small. We discovered the first day that you need to get up at 8am to reserve a space at the beach or you’ll end up with no shade because all of the umbrellas and chairs are taken by the time breakfast is over. We ended up pretty burnt the first day without shade, but it was totally worth it. The beach was amazing, with completely white sand and crystal blue water- we couldn’t have asked for better! Unfortunately Cuba lived up to it’s reputation for having mediocre food. I mean, our resort was 5 stars and I only enjoyed one meal out of our six days there. Dylan didn’t mind the food, however, he’s a guy- and they eat just about anything.
Our favourite part of the trip was the catamaran ride! We completely recommend doing this sort of thing regardless of the hefty price because its such a nice way to get off of the resort and explore a little while still being able to relax. The snorkelling was unreal off of the boat. Hundreds of fish swam right with us, not away from us. The snorkelling was followed by a day of sailing and then making a pit stop for lunch and then they took us to a private beach which was also pretty cool.
The staff was nice, but unfortunately we did not have hot water the whole week. The rooms were good for the price, and the views around the resort were great.

If you want to take a look at the resort, follow this link!Β

It was overall a great and relaxing time, although Dylan and I will definitely be doing something a little more adventurous next time around.

Check out this video of some clips from our trip!




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