Tis the Season… For Turtlenecks

9011793_orig9132711_orig5518062_orig6756427_orig5820146_orig484828_orig1613036_orig2205938_orig2702734_orig6989810_orig3855063_orig301458_orig3717894_orig7002676_origI can’t express how great turtlenecks are?? I’ve gotta say- I haven’t always felt this way.

(Throwback to the 1990’s when turtlenecks made you look like you were dressed by your mom without choice )

I chose these two sweaters because I think they show off two very different looks. You’ll often find my style is never consistent, I’m always switching it up between girly and more edgy. The first sweater is a great colour for this season- totally works with any hair colour and can be worn with leggings or jeans. The second look is more sporty and perfect for a weekend. The grey sweater is more versatile for what you want to pair it up with. Keep an eye out for quilted/textured leggings! They are so comfy and awesome for dressing up/dressing down any look.

Photos taken by Michael El- Khoury

Details and Similars found here:

Turtleneck Cable HERE | Jeans HERE | | Oversized Turtleneck HERE | Turtleneck HERE



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