This blog has been sadly rejected the past couple months, but I’ve made a promise to myself to get back into it and I have some awesome stuff to share with you.

These photos have been sitting on my laptop for too long. I kept feeling like I’d be doing an injustice to all my fellow celiacs out there by not sharing the most delicious GF Italian food- because that was the highlight of my trip. Thanks Dylan, for tracking down the best GF/ DF goods in Italy, you know how to make a girl happy!

We started out in Venice. With only 24 hours there, we wanted to have a full day so we started out around 8am with the lovely view on our terrace and a coffee.



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You can book a stay at this great B&B here.


It was 30 degrees so although we loved exploring Venice, a trip to the beach was necessary. If you take the water taxi over to Lido, you won’t be disappointed. Its about 40 minutes to get there, but the beach was clean and not too busy, and the water was warm and clear. The best part- there is a stand not too far from the entrance with daiquiries and mojitos.


We were up early the next morning to catch a train to Florence, which is only about 2 hours away. We stayed at Plus Hostel (you can book here) which I recommend because its in a great location- only about 10 minutes walk from all the large churches and attractions. Plus they have a pool! and a bar! (common theme here…)


Okay, standing ovation for this gluten free/ cheese-less pizza. All of you normal people who can eat anything are probably looking at this like ??? but believe me, this was the best pizza i’ve ever tasted and it didn’t have any cheese on it- thats a talent.dsc_0633dsc_0634dsc_0636dsc_0638

^ post consuming pizza


This is the place we had the Pizza, and it was hands down best ever. HIGHLY recommend! Plus its only about five minutes from all the tourist attractions, tucked away from the chaos.


^ apparently this means good luck, so I guess you should do it


We took a walk to the Piazzale Michelangelo where you can see a panoramic view of the city. Although its quite the trek, it was worth it.


For dinner we discovered a restaurant called Quinoa (I know, how basic can I get) that was SO good. We had been on the pasta/ pizza for a few days so we were looking for something a little different. Just look at this place.


All around amazing trip. We headed back to Venice for the last 24 hours where we had brunch on the grand canal and explored some more before heading back to London.

Pointers taken from this trip:

  • Its absolutely possible to do a city in 24 hours, in fact I recommend it
  • Italy is joining the GF train
  • Don’t travel with backpacks in 35 degree heat
  • Drink lots of wine

Dress in Venice: Missguided Bardot Swing DressΒ | Dress in Florence: (Similar) Forever 21




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