How I Got My Long Hair

A few of you have been wondering how I got it to grow long, or how my hair is so thick, and blonde at the same time etc. I’m no hair guru but I can definitely let you all in on a few of my hair secrets, and tips and tricks from the real hair guru Katie Piercy of Top Knot Salon.

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First and foremost, I have naturally wavy and thick/ coarse hair. I, alike most girls throughout middle and high school, straightened my hair every day, so I eventually lost what real curl I had left in my hair. Getting the wave back took a long time, so if you are looking to regain any natural wave you had to your hair- just give it time! It will come.

About a year and a half ago, I asked Katie Piercy to brush out my hair because it was terribly knotted. Thats when we discovered half of my hair was longer than the other. This moment was hilarious and terrifying to say the least. Girls, never straighten your hair every day and NOT get your hair cut for more than a year — this will happen to you.

After that, I decided I would start taking more care of my hair. It was awful at first, but I started with leaving my hair natural more often. By the time the following summer hit (2015), I was leaving my hair natural every day and just adding some curls on the occasional weekend night.


Changing from putting heat on my hair every day to only once or twice a week was a slow process but it has made huge changes to my hair. I no longer have a ton of split ends or random short pieces from breakage.

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It also made a huge difference in the texture of my hair. My natural hair started to get less poofy/ frizzy after I washed it.

Aside from this, I also stopped blow drying my hair and brushing it every day. I know not everyone can do this, but girls with thick hair- try to not wash it every day! During the winter months it can be harsh and dry out your hair. By not blow drying my hair, I was removing another form of heat that also affected the health of it and allowed me to keep my waves.

Katie’s heat tips:

  • If you’re someone who needs to blow dry their hair to get it to behave, let it air dry until it’s at least 50% dry before you blow dry it.  This minimizes the amount of heat you’re applying and shortens blow dry time so you don’t end up “throwing in the towel” 😉 half way through.
  • Use a heat protectant


Now the biggie: hair products. Katie, my hair stylist and best friend, has always given me awesome recommendations on products because she too has coarse thick hair.

Processed with VSCO with a5 presetEvery time I get out of the shower, I load my hair with an oil (Moroccan, diamond oil, coconut) and a detangler.

Right now I am using Matrix OIL WONDERS + Redken ALL SOFT conditioner!

Katie’s product recommendations:

  • Matrix purple shampoo

  • Moroccan oil dry shampoo

  • Redken extreme strength builder plus

  • Pureology hydrate “my fav for shampoo and conditioner, it’s plant based and super concentrated and not tested on animals!”

Dry shampoo is a girls best friend.

Katie recommends that second or third day when your hair is flat and getting oily at the root, with the end of a comb, pick up sections and apply dry shampoo to the root.  Let it sit for a minute or so to absorb that excess oil, then massage your scalp to rub it all in. 

This should leave you with clean-er feeling hair a lot more volume! This saves time and saves your hair from being over shampooed.


I am sucker for getting my hair done. I don’t think its horrible to get your hair done often, but where I am not as naturally blonde as my hair is now, I try to get it done once every 2-3 months (mainly because my hair grows very fast nowaways).

If you’re looking for my colour, I’d recommend going to Katie or bringing in a photo of what you want. I would always show Katie photos of Gigi Hadid’s hair, which helped a lot in determining how bright to go and how much highlights, due to the fact that we have similar hair textures.

Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 11.17.33 AM.png
Photo: Sarah Kierstead

Katie’s tips:

As a blonde, purple shampoo is a staple product. 

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

About once a week, shampoo with your regular shampoo as this will open up the hair cuticle, ring your hair out and get rid of all the excess water and then apply a good amount of purple shampoo so that all of your hair is saturated.

Think of your hair like a sponge, to absorb more product, you must first remove some of that water.

Oh and anytime you have a bath, use that as an excuse to apply a weekly treatment to your hair!


Although my hair has natural wave in it, I don’t often get the hair around my face to cooperate. Most of the time I let it go natural, but if I am feeling like taming it a bit, I’ll take my thick wand (similar here) and wrap half an inch strands around it.

I will do a full style post so you can follow me step-by-step in getting the beach waves!

I hope this helps you in your hair adventures whether it be growing it out, going blonde, or just trying to get it in better shape.



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